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Services Offered:

Strength & Conditioning Training

The physical and physiological development of individuals for elite performance.This form of training is also used to help with injury prevention muscle development. The Older you get the more you need it.

Weight Loss Management  

Weather you have 5 pounds, 55 pounds or 105 pounds to lose  Fit For Life will guild you on that journey getting you there quickly and safely. Weight loss is a struggle someone can deal with for years and waste a lot of money only not to achieve goals set.  Fit For Life specializes in weight loss with over 1500 lbs lost from clients in the last year alone. ​

Flexibility & Stability 

Flexibility and stability is something all ages can benefit from. Many injuries such as pulls and tears of ligaments and muscles come  from poor flexibility. As we get older we naturally tighten up losing our abilities to even bend over without pain. Having this part of our regular routine will decrease your risk of falls and everyday pain.​

Competition Training/ Sport specific Training

We work with both armature and professionals, from college athletes, fitness competitors, professional fighters, golfers and dancers. Sports specific training allows one to focus and strengthening the and movements needed to excel in their respected field.

Rehabilitation  of Injuries & surgeries

Rehabbing a part of your body that was once injured is key to not have it reoccur. A once injured area forces you to compensate with other parts of the body which then will lead to new injuries. A combination of strengthening and flexibility and a slow pace allows your body to heal and become even stronger than what it once was prior to the injury.

Meal Planning/Meal Prep

Every good training plan needs a good meal plan to go along with it. The last thing one wants to do is waste their amazing workouts and not eat correctly.  Food is a science, knowing what you need and when is key to reach your goals in a safe yet quick manner. 
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