Who we are and what we promise:

At Fit For Life, we pride ourselves getting you where you want to be.  We are a facility that produces results, its as simple as that. We give you the tools and guidance you need to get there.  Too many people waste time and money on As Seen On TV diets, gym memberships they don't use and  advice from people who really don't understand the body and the science behind weight loss, weight gain, muscle gains and nutrition.  

We offer well over 20 years of knowledge in Nutrition and Fitness and hold multiple certifications nationally recognized.   We have worked with all levels of fitness from professional athletes, fitness competitors, individuals dealing with obesity, nagging injuries and health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. 

As head trainer  at Fit For Life I have personally worked with 3 different RI Universities, numerous doctors and medical professionals, and for the last 3 years published in Ult Nutrition and Your Health magazine which are both wellness and medical journals that are found in over 300 medical offices, hospitals, rehab centers and other health related locations. 

Everyone walks though our doors with a different life story.  Goals are different, as is one's health and injuries they may be dealing with.  This is why each client we take on, a custom plan is designed for them making sure their goals are met in the time we outline. You can trust through our experience your safety is always our first goal.