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It all starts with a simple email or phone call, that's all it takes to get your health back on track!  We offer so many programs, there is something for EVERYONE! 

 complete health screening!


When you arrive, we will go over your goals and your overall health history.  We will check your BMI, fat percentage, weight and blood pressure

start training

see results!


From this point we will develop your workout schedule and meal plan. Now that you are a member of our family we hold your hand through the entire process making sure we reach your fullest potential .

Our Updates:

June 11th, 2018

A Night With Roland
Tickets on sale now for Medium Roland Comtois.  All shows have sold out so plan your night now and get your tickets!


Our Grad Opening 

All the work is done, classes are set and clients are training. Come in and check out the facility and set yourself up with a health screening. 

set your appointment and visit one of our locations !


Two great locations in Cranston & Cranston.  We see clients 6 days a week for your convenience!

Will it be easy? No!

Will it be worth it? Absolutely!!

What Our Clients Are Saying:

I came into Fit For Life feeling defeated weighing almost 400 lbs. In 5 months I have lost 120 lbs, 12 sizes in my pants and can walk up and down stairs without thinking I'm going to die." Mary G.

"I came thinking I would hate it and only stay 3 months.  I have lost 75 lbs and hate missing a workout. 6 months later I am now upping how many days a week I come." Kevin ( Iron Hand Tattoo)

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